Weight Loss: A Booster for Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss:  A Booster for Your  Weight Loss Journey   Weight loss is one of the main concerns  for  many people.  Having an ideal body  mass  suitable for age and  gender is  desirable both  for aesthetics and  for health.  Individuals with  excess weight are more likely to suffer  from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes,  hormonal disorders, and many other  health  problems compared to other individuals.  It is essential for those who are overweight  to lose weight in a healthy way and reach  their ideal body mass.  Although losing weight is a healthy  situation for obese patients, it is  just as important to progress this  process correctly.  Losing weight too fast, losing weight  by following an unhealthy diet plan,  losing weight by being hungry for  a long time can pose serious threats  to health in the slimming process.  In addition, the weight lost with  an unhealthy diet is more likely to  be regained at the end of the diet.  For this reason, the healthiest way  to lose weight

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Berberine Berberine has many science-based health benefits . You will be amazed when you read about  Berberine benefits. Berberine,  also known as the Ayurvedic Miracle Plant , berberine has been traditionally used as medicine for centuries by the Indians and Chinese. In recent years, due to the increasing trend towards Natural Botany Solutions, Western societies have only been made aware of its impressive medicinal benefits. Berberine facts,  what is the real story? Berberine and obatoclax inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication in primary human nasal epithelial cells in vitro Severe acute respiratory syndrome associated with coronavirus (SARSCoV2) infected an estimated 10% of the global population in late 2019. There is a great need for effective antiviral drugs to complement preventive measures, including vaccines. A recent study  investigated the efficacy of two broad-spectrum antiviral compounds, berberine and obatoclax, against multiple isolates of SARS-CoV-2. Berberine inhibited SARS-Co

Amazing Seeds - 2021

Amazing Seeds Flaxseed Flax is a plant that has been grown in Egypt and Asia for centuries. Linen plant with the scientific name Linum Usitatissimum is an agricultural plant that grows between 30 cm and 1 meter in length, blooms in blue, and lives for one year. Flax seeds are about 5 mm long and are in the form of an egg. These oily seeds are flat, shiny, and odorless. Flaxseed can be defined as a functional food because it contains healthy oils, antioxidants, and fibers. Functional foods are defined as food or food components that provide additional benefits on the physiological and metabolic functions of the human being, in addition to meeting the basic nutritional requirements of the body, and serve to protect against diseases or to maintain a healthier life. Flaxseed nutrients It contains very healthy components, one of them is polyunsaturated fatty acids of omega-3 ( such as alpha-linolenic acid - ALA) . Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids. You can read this review to g